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As a young teacher and mother, Dr. Sandra Roussell believed education was the most significant passport to opportunity.

So dedicated was she to the possibilities of education that by the time she enrolled her daughter, Dena, in a Montessori pre-school, they had already spent many hours on phonics, critical thinking, language and practical life skills at home; as well as movement, swimming and expression courses led by other experts.  The result was that before age 3, her daughter held numerous swimming awards, had been featured in local newspapers for swimming demonstrations, and could read at a kindergarten level.

This preliminary work with her own child formed the seed of Dr. Roussell’s renowned whole child approach, leading her to develop an exceptional learning program and found the Escuela schools.

In the decades since, she has worked passionately to inspire parents and children through an integrated and accelerated curriculum.

Nearly everyone who visits Escuela immediately notices the familial atmosphere. The feeling of family is authentic: it all began with a mother who knew that education could impact the future of her own child.

Dr. Roussell views each student as part of her extended family and strives to impart a lifelong love of learning to every one. Visiting relatives, educators, as well as admissions directors from other independent schools, remark on the curiosity, self-expression, self-esteem, confidence, and vitality of Escuela graduates.  These qualities are crucial in early childhood development, and are often neglected as parents search for a school. 

We believe this is because prevailing cultural modes frequently overlook the basics in favor of what’s “trending.”  At Escuela, the fundamentals are always in fashion- that includes not just reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also the development of character within a safe and loving environment.   A school can have a stunning campus and a fine academic program, but if a child isn’t nurtured, appropriately challenged, or simply doesn’t feel socially included, that child’s self concept will suffer.

You may be delighted to find that a superb education doesn’t require such sacrifices.

We thank you for considering us, and hope to see you soon!

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Escuela Family,

According to a John Hopkins University professor, "Black elementary school students who have Black teachers are significantly more likely to enroll in college."  We are proud that our staff includes excellent Black teachers.  We hope you enjoy this article.

"For black students, having even one black teacher can make a huge difference. That’s the conclusion of a new study, which found that that black boys who had a black teacher during their elementary school years were less likely to drop out of high school. It also linked the presence of black teachers to kids’ expectations of attending college." - K.L. Ricks

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Kenia Umana

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"There are many wonderful things to say about Escuela Plus Elementary. It is much more than an ordinary school to our family...."
George and Kimberley Thompson

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