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Fifth Grade

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Social Skills:

Use standard etiquette in all areas of life. Exhibit ability to do collaborative work. Give respect to peers on a consistent basis. Communicate clearly with peers and adults, and begin to resolve conflicts using logic and reason. Are comfortable greeting new people and are at ease in social situation.



  • Speech is clear and distinct.

  • Presentations are given from the front of the room and students are coached on delivery, volume, diction, posture and expression.

  • Grammar is corrected when children speak in class.

  • New vocabulary is constantly introduced to allow children the opportunity to understand the broader scope of our world.

  • Poem recitation, including mandatory participation in the Poetry Contest.



  • Mathematical properties

  • Exponents

  • Decimals – all operations

  • Fractions and mixed numbers – all operations

  • Proportion

  • Check writing

  • Perimeter, area, radius and diameter



  • Continue to strengthen skills in grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.

  • Parts of speech are reviewed extensively, including sentence diagraming.



  • Science Fair project requiring model, experiment, and written research report.

  • Focus is on encouraging students to link theory to practical application.

  • Testing on how well students can apply book concepts to the scientific principles we see everywhere in the world around us.

  • Science experiments.


History/Social Science

  • Greece and Rome as ancient civilizations.

  • US history, including American colonies and their journey to freedom, the Civil War, Suffrage, the Great Depression, World 

  • War I and World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, communism and current events. Students memorize the first five amendments from the Bill of Rights.

  • Testing in essay format on students’ ability to understand the meanings behind historical facts.

  • Students are asked to compare past events to current events.

  • Mythology project incorporating research, writing and art.



  • Reading aloud daily.

  • Move from comprehension of simple ideas to complex ones.

  • Reinforce students’ ability to infer the meaning of new words. 

  • Phonics techniques are reinforced to aid them in reading new words.

  • Novels read together as a class.



  • Move from simple sentences to paragraph building.

  • Review of structuring arguments using outlines.

  • Concentration on letter writing.

  • Consistent creative journal writing.

  • Essay writing on historical and/or literary topics.



  • Oral reports.

  • Poem recitation, including mandatory participation in the 

  • Poetry Contest.

  • Students are coached on delivery, volume, tone and enunciation.

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