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Third Grade

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Social Skills:

Use standard etiquette in all areas of life. Exhibit ability to do collaborative work. Give respect to peers on a consistent basis.



  • Present orally to peers and larger audience.

  • Use expression and gestures when reading aloud, as appropriate.



  • Memorize multiplication tables.

  • Begin long division.

  • Start mentally solving addition and subtraction problems of 2 digits.

  • Begin working with equations.

  • Begin working with graphs.

  • Basic geometry.

  • Know equivalencies of different units of measurements.



  • Identify and discuss parts of speech.

  • Learn about adjectives, articles, pronouns, conjunctions, and proper nouns.

  • Understand helping verbs, the idea of grammatical agreement, and the parts of a sentence.



  • Introduction to balance of nature, food chain, and environmental pollution

  • Human health

  • Human body systems


History/Social Science

  • Geography, including main earth features and maps.

  • Relationships among culture, history, economy, and the land.

  • History of California missions.

  • Introduction to ancient civilizations.



  • Reading comprehension and critical thinking.

  • Exposure to myths, fables, poetry, great speeches and famous sayings.

  • Introduction to biographies and autobiographies.



  • Writing stories, essays and poetry.

  • Written analysis of history, science, and social studies.

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