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The Importance of Self-Esteem

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At Escuela Plus we believe that each child possesses his or her own innate intelligence.  We also believe that the proper role of education is to cultivate this essential seed.   How best to grow and nurture your child's essence?  Self-esteem is the answer.

The Fertile Soil of Self-Esteem  

The research is clear: the single best determinant of future success is self-esteem.   For this reason, it forms the cornerstone of the Escuela Method. 


By combining core values with academic standards, committed parents, and caring teachers, we create a synthesis that leads to success.

How We Define Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the feeling that you can meet or exceed the basic challenges of life and that you’re worthy of happiness.


{adapted from Nathaniel Branden, author and self-esteem expert}


Self-Esteem is not enhanced by:

  1. Empty praise

  2. Setting up easy-to-meet expectations

  3. Lack of agreements and consequences


Self-Esteem is enhanced when you:

  1. Applaud deeds well done and challenges met

  2. Differentiate between "you did something incorrectly or inappropriately" versus "you ARE flawed"

  3. Set expectations that require stretching and allow your children to creatively problem solve

  4. Create agreements and consequences for agreements that aren't met

  5. Provide academic and creative structures for success

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