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First Grade

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Social Skills:

Learn to work in cooperative groups. Work independently. Follow directions.




  • Clearly pronounce words.

  • Well-taken dictation during spelling tests.

  • Give oral reports.

  • Recite poetry.



  • Master basic addition and subtraction.

  • Introduction to borrowing, regrouping, measuring, multiplication, and money.

  • Express place value through 99.

  • Count by two, five, and ten to 100.

  • Identify one-half, one-fourth, and one-third of a whole.



  • Sentence structure, parts of speech, punctuation, and creative writing.

  • Complete ideas and develop paragraphs.

  • Write sentences and combine sentences.

  • Proofread and edit.



  • Learn about animals, the human body, life science, plants, dinosaurs, earth science, the elements, and weather.

History/Social Science

  • Number of days in a week, year, etc. and holidays.

  • Community safety.

  • Government.

  • Simple geography.



  • Prepositions.

  • Recognize rhyming words given orally.

  • Discern auditory difference in long-vowel sounds.

  • Identify name of letter representing long and short vowel sounds.

  • Draw inference from sentence context.



  • Writing neatly and focus on forming letters correctly.

  • Identify irregular spellings that must simply be learned since they depart from basic alphabetical principles.

  • Learn the relationship between sound and letter.

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