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Second Grade

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Social Skills:

Get along well with peers and acknowledge peers for outstanding efforts. Be able to copy from the board correctly. Be able to understand right from wrong.



  • Use proper language through reading stories aloud and presenting them to the class.

  • Use expression when reading stories aloud.



  • Add and subtract with ease.

  • Round or estimate to the nearest tenth and one hundredth.

  • Tell time.

  • Multiply and divide with remainder.



  • Listen and use capital letters and correct punctuation during dictation.

  • Use correct capitalization with names, places, etc., along with the first letter of the first word in a sentence.

  • Know parts of speech (subject, predicate, noun, verb, etc.)

  • Use commas, periods, and question marks when appropriate.



  • Life cycles of animals.

  • Where animals and plants live.

  • How to measure matter.


History/Social Science

  • Basics of U.S. history, including the Pilgrims, Revolutionary War, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln.

  • General geography, including continents and oceans.



  • Reading comprehension.

  • Emphasis on phonics.

  • Book reports.



  • Cursive writing.

  • Writing paragraphs.

  • Writing stories.

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