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Why Choose Escuela Plus?

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With so many options available to parents today, making an informed choice about your child’s education has never been more challenging. As a parent committed to your child’s brightest future, you want to provide the very best foundation. You research and ask questions, such as:

  • What type of environment and curriculum will give my child a “leg up?”

  • What methods offer the greatest results?

  • Where will s/he be safe and nurtured as a total human being?

The Escuela Method was created by Dr. Sandra Roussell as an answer to the inadequacy of most mainstream elementary school instruction. Knowing that children can be and do more than is commonly accepted, she has combined a variety of effective techniques into a comprehensive curriculum that addresses the needs of the whole child.

An educational pioneer since the 1970s, Dr. Roussell’s unique approach has touched the lives of hundreds of families by providing the foundation for a successful life by empowering their children academically, ethically, socially, and emotionally.

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While there are many “good” schools, there is an Escuela difference. In the words of Dr. Roussell:

“We focus on a maintaining an advanced academic curriculum. This is noteworthy but not what truly distinguishes us. What Escuela offers, that few other campuses do, is a focus on nurturing self-esteem. You can be intelligent. You can ace test scores. You can even have sound critical thinking skills, but if you lack self-esteem, your progress from youth to old age will stall.”
Self-esteem, the cornerstone of the Escuela philosophy, is defined as feeling capable of meeting or exceeding life’s daily challenges, and feeling that you are worthy of happiness. These tenets are woven into every aspect of the curriculum and practiced by every staff member to ensure that children learn a sense of agency (YES I CAN!), receive praise for self-effort, and are held to a code of basic ethics.

Proven over decades, the Escuela method produces graduates who gain admission to the top secondary schools and universities in the nation and are life long learners and contributors. 

In fact, 70% of students who entered Escuela at kindergarten, stayed for the full length of the program and maintained a B+ or better average, gained admittance to the nation’s top performing secondary schools.

Our Core Values are at the heart of the school’s success.


  1. Academic Rigor

  2. Critical Thinking

  3. Cultural Exposure

  4. Creative Expression

  5. Moral Responsibility

  6. Achievement as Service

  7. Foster Curiosity

  8. Engage the Whole Person

“We are co-operative partners along with the child and his/her parents in creating a multi-talented, multi-dimensional, and intellectually mobile Renaissance person,” Dr. Roussell emphasizes.

Choosing a school is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make. We are an exceptional choice for parents who want a tried and true system integrating academic achievement into a whole person, self-esteem based approach to learning.


Escuela is a family in which each child is seen as having a seed of unlimited potential.

We welcome you to our Family!

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