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Fourth Grade

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Social Skills:

Use standard etiquette in all areas of life. Exhibit ability to do collaborative work. Give respect to peers on a consistent basis



  • Present orally to peers and larger audience.

  • Use expression and gestures when reading aloud, as appropriate.

  • Enunciate and use proper inflections well.



  • Multiply and divide by several digits.

  • Solidify knowledge of mental math.

  • Geometry and quadrilateral construction.

  • Area and perimeter problems.

  • Simple fractions and decimals.

  • Convert one unit of measure to others.

  • Add and subtract time.

  • Preparation for simple algebra.



  • Continue to discuss parts of speech.

  • Interjections, adverbs, prepositions, and regular/irregular verbs.

  • Continue to expand vocabulary and grammar.

  • Learn how to use a bibliography.

  • Learn how to use italics.

  • Research information on a topic.



  • Encourage linking theory to practical application.

  • Apply book concepts to scientific principles in the world around us.

  • Experiments.


History/Social Science

  • Continued study of ancient civilizations.

  • American colonies and their journey to freedom.

  • American Civil War.

  • Great Depression.

  • World War I and World War II.

  • Civil Rights Movement.

  • Communism and the Cold War.

  • Current events.



  • Reading comprehension and critical thinking.

  • Continued exposure to fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, biographies, and short stories.



  • Writing stories, journal entries, essays and poetry.

  • Continue to hone the writing process (pre-write, first draft, revisions, proofreading, publication)

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