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Escuela's Placement Statistics

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When choosing a school for your child, some of the first questions to ask are:


What happens to your students after graduation? 

What percentage of children enter highly ranked, competitive secondary environments? 

How well do they perform once admitted? 

Do they thrive academically, socially and emotionally?

Since 1973, 70% of Escuela’s graduates who began in kindergarten and completed the program with a grade point average of B+ or better, were admitted to the city and country’s highest ranking secondary schools.

You want the best possible future for your child.  That begins with an outstanding foundation.  We encourage you to compare Escuela's placement statistics with those of other elementary schools.  Our matriculation rates are comparable to, and in many cases, surpass those of the most expensive and exclusive mainstream institutions.

Why is this possible?  

One of the most common mistakes prospective parents make is confusing features with foundation.  What this means is that high-end amenities and beautiful campuses don’t necessarily guarantee a comprehensive educational experience for your child.  These enhancements can be very beneficial, however, in and of themselves, they are not sufficient to produce a whole, Renaissance child.

What is the Escuela difference?

Historically, Escuela has produced results that schools with higher tuition and more features do not.  The following three features are the key components of the Escuela difference.


  1. A Proven, Accelerated Academic Curriculum

  2. An Emphasis on Self-Esteem

  3. A Supportive, Familial Atmosphere

Our goal is that Escuela graduates are well prepared for future success.

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