Sixth Grade



Social Skills:

Work effectively in collaborative settings. Problem solve/discern choices to make mature decisions. Grade- and age-appropriate use of critical and logical thought processes. Empathize and show concern for others. Role playing and examination of different methods of handling issues and problems that affect them. Encouraging a level of acceptance of all and allowing the classroom to evolve into a space that enables expression of who we all are, powerful in our being.





  • Increased vocabulary and usage in speaking and writing.

  • Demonstrate ability to present ideas or readings in front of small or large groups comfortably.

  • Exposure to debating techniques.



  • Clear presentation of syllables and phonetic inferences.

  • Smooth delivery of speaking voice.

  • Project and use expressive intonations in speech.


  • Basic operations of whole, decimal, and fractional numeration.

  • Increase critical and deductive reasoning through word, matrix and collaborative projects.

  • Statistics and the four operations of integers with a strong emphasis on formulation problems involving area, volume, cylinder, circle, distance, etc. in an algebraic format.

  • Understanding and proficiency in the use of probability.

  • Solve and formulate algebraic equations.



  • Recognition of parts of speech and different sentence structures, types of sentences, diagramming framework.

  • Comment on different writing formats (i.e., persuasive, informative, entertaining) and essay writing on varied thought-provoking subject matter.



  • Increase knowledge of matter.

  • Use of the Periodic Table.

  • Simple experimentation to demonstrate properties of living things and the potential use of alloys, two kinds of energy, common chemistry and basic physics.

  • How the environment affects our daily lives.


History/Social Science

  • Examine world cultures.

  • Expose the students to major religions of the world.

  • Increase skill in report writing.

  • Research skills, critical thinking, and deductive reasoning.



  • Increase proficiency in oral and silent reading speed.

  • Concentrate on comprehension skills and dramatic readings.

  • Strong emphasis on deductive and critical reasoning.



  • Creative writing.

  • Cursive writing – to practice correct formations of letters and use of writing implements.



  • Focus on repetitive opportunities to speak and present in class.

  • Elicit and concentrate on skills necessary to speak correctly and effectively.



2018-19 School Year Tuition Fee - $11,250.00


Tuition for the school year is $11,250.00.  This fee includes textbooks, workbooks, most supplies, and extracurricular courses (including Physical Education, Tai Chi, Music, Computers, Spanish, Dance, and Art) taught by specialists on a weekly basis.

Child Care:

Available Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 8:30 am and from 3:30 to 6:00 pm, except on days when our school is closed. The fee for this service is $100.00 per month.


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