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Sixth Grade

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Social Skills:

Acquire good etiquette and learn positive interaction with others. Learn to relate to peers.

Handle a full day away from parents. Develop sharing relationships with other peers.



  • Speak fluently and answer in complete sentences.

  • Speak clearly and distinctly.

  • Clearly express themselves verbally.

  • Learn to share ideas with class.

  • Share their well-developed thoughts and be understood by their peers and adults.



  • Introduction to basic addition and subtraction.


  • Sentence structure and punctuation.

  • Phonics.

  • Write sentences about stories that have been read to them.

  • Speak in class about stories that have been read to them.



  • Understand the four seasons, five senses, plants, animal families, dinosaurs, and the planets.

  • Take nature walks.

  • Create a garden and grow a root plant.


History/Social Science

  • Basic understanding of 50 states and directions (North, South, East, and West).

  • Basic knowledge of the Pilgrims’ journey on the Mayflower and Native Americans.


  • Reading readiness by addressing words phonetically.

  • Reading comprehension.



  • Writing neatly and focus on forming letters correctly.

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